Run Multiple XAMPP on Windows

Is it possible? Yes it is possible. You probably have 2 xampp which have different version, let just say that your first xampp is 5.6 and the second one is 7.2. Below is the explanation on how to run 2 xampp at the same time.

Changing the apache port

The default port for apache is 80 and only can be use by 1 application at a time. So we need to set the second xampp to a new port, ex : http://localhost:7777 (port 7777).

  • Open file httpd.conf located in apache\conf directory
  • Replace word 80 (ex : Listen 80 and ServerName localhost: 80 ) with 7777
  • Save the file and close
  • Open file httpd-ssl.conf located in apache\conf\extra directory
  • Replace word 443 (ex: Listen 443 and ServerName localhost: 443 ) with 444
  • Save the file and close
  • Open file my.ini located in xampp\mysl\bin directory
  • Replace word 3306 (ex: port = 3306 ) with 3307
  • Open file located in xampp\phpMyAdmin directory
  • Change $cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘host’] = ‘’ to $cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘host’] = ‘’
  • Save the file and close

You can try to run both of the xampp, try accessing it by browser. First xampp http://localhost/dashboard/ , second http://localhost:7777

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