Page inside Shadowbox

First of all the explanation about showing images inside shadowbox already explain in the site, you can see it here. What i want to use is page inside the shadowbox, so i keep searching how to do it. And finally i was able to try it, here is the step :

There are 3 file that is need to be include/call when you are trying to run the shadowbox : jquery.js , shadowbox.css, shadowbox.js.
To download the jquery file simply go here, and for shadowbox file’s go here. And checked “External sites and pages” checkbox and just download the file by clicking the zip button(which looks like a zipper).
After downloaded the file, extract it. And you need to include the file and javascript file into your site like the example below :

just put the scripts at the tag, for the link which you want to appear the page. just make the code like bellow :

<a href=”” rel=”shadowbox” title=”Title”>Sample Page</a>

I guess it gonna works. Im sorry i cant test it in here cause the shadowbox file’s im downloading is for images. Hope its gonna helps.

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