Install and Activate WordPress Theme

After setup the wordpress site, i’m gonna share how to setup the theme. In wordpress you simply add theme and activate the theme cause there is a menu for that.

After you login at your site wp-admin, all the admin menu gonna show up and its gonna look like the picture below.

To setup the theme, you need to go to “Appreance->Themes” menu. The page gonna look like the picture below, at there the default activate theme is Twenty Ten. To add other themes you need to go to the directory which is at “”, just put the themes at there and it gonna appears at the themes activation menu, or just simply go to the “Install Themes” tab.

At “Install Themes” tab, there are alot of options. You can download a themes from there, find a themes, or upload your own downloaded themes if you dont know how to put it at the directory.

After you have decided which theme you gonna use just look at the picture no.2 and simply just activate the theme. Just check the site to see how it looks like, if you dont like it just simply activate other themes.

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