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At the first i don’t really know what from a wordpress you can create site using it, all i know is that wordpress is used for blogging. But i started getting to know it since i worked for a company that using wordpress as their base cms.

I’m gonna try to give some direction/tutorial how to install/setup wordpress.

1. Download first wordpress file at

2. In my case, i run this setup at localhost. So i put the downloaded wordpress file in my localhost directory and create a folder named “wp_test3″, look at the picture below. With your browser go to the link like the picture, in mycase “http://localhost/wp_test3/” , change “wp_test3″ with the name of the folder you make and then click “Create a Configuration File” button.

3. After that there gonna be an explanation database configuration, so just click “Let’s go!” button to continue.

4. Then the database configuration will show up like the picture below. You only need to adjust “Database Name”, “Username”, “Password”, you need to create a database first. In my case its at phpmyadmin, from there you will get the database name, if you didn’t set the privileges then the username gonna be “root” and password is empty by default. After adjust the database configuration then click “Submit” button.

5. The next page its gonna be an information that your website already hooked up with the database. In some case, its failed because your folder permission forbid wordpress to create a wp-config.php. So if its failed, the wordpress gonna show u how to to make it success by copying the code in a file and name it “wp-config.php” and after that just put the file in “wp_test3″ folder in my case. And you can continue the wordpress install.

6. Look at the picture below, if your page show the exact picture that means you already successfully install the wordpress. Only need to fill a few thing and ur site is ready. “Site Title” is for you site title, “Password” is for your admin password.

7. Go to admin menu to setup and adjust all the plugins and theme to make the site more pretty and functionality. The url to the admin menu is http://localhost/wp_test3/wp-admin/ , change “wp_test3″ to the name of your wordpress folder. Its finish my tutorial on how to create wordpress site, follow the related post for further adjustment.

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