Create Database in Cpanel

Well, i made this article cause at first i find it hard to create a database in cpanel if you’re using netregistry you will find it easily creating database at phpmyadmin like normal. This is the step :

* First you need to login to cpanel, after that you go to the database section and click MySql Databases.
* After that at the “Create New Database” section fill the field with the database name you want and click “Create Database” button. Just click “Go Back” button after this.
* At “MySQL Users” section fill the username, password and click “Create User” button. Just click “Go Back” button after this.
* At “Add User To Database” section choose the user and database and click “Add” button.
* After that user privileges will show up and just check “All Privileges” checkbox and click “Make Changes” button.

After that, your database already ready to be used.

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