Add Code to Prestashop .tpl file

First of all, im new at this prestashop thing. My first time is kinda amaze with the ecommerce system, which is really good i think but its kinda rare any free modules or themes that support this one.

This prestashop is kinda different from wordpress, prestashop have a .tpl file which act as a themes file i supposed, if u plainly just add a script or php code it will cause ur site to be blank. There are some way to put your code to tpl file.

{literal}{/literal} -> i used this code if i wanna add javacript to the .tpl page. Example : {literal}<script>alert(“test”);</script>{/literal}
{PHP}{/PHP} -> i used this code if i wanna put php code. Example : {PHP}echo “test”;{/PHP}

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